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  1. PewdiePie VS Sasha Grey -- The Final Death-Match

    #030 It's an epic battle...Head to head: PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...Who will be the real winner?And what lessons can you learn from this BOSS fight?PwediePie VS Sasha Grey...Sasha Grey VS PwediePie...Listen and find out.Podcast Music: THBD ...


  2. Pablo Picasso, 01 Cheeky Woman & The Day I Almost Died

    #029 What did the cheeky woman say to Picasso in public?How does this relate to saving the UK from the Nazis in WWII?And how does this all link to the day I almost died 10 years ago?Listen, and discover.Podcast Music: THBD - ...


  3. Elon Musk, 'No Time To Die', And The Humiliation of Successful-Failures

    #028 What's the hidden link between Elon Musk and the delay of 'No Time To Die'? The Answer is in this episode.Plus: The new James Bond has a lesson that can change your life. A lesson that isn't even inside the movie.  It's hidden in plain sight. ...


  4. One Wrong Assumption, Deep Sabotage, And 95% of Storytelling Mistakes

    #027 This one wrong assumption can kill all your hopes to become a great storyteller.It's hidden, lurking in the shadows, to kill all your storytelling progress.The good news is: it's simple to fix.If you want to tell enchanting stories that transform your relationships, get ...


  5. The 3 Hidden No-Ps That Are Destroying New Online Coaching Businesses Today

    #026 Are you doing any of these 3 sneaky mistakes that 95% of New Coaches do? They're the 3 Online Coaching Business Destroyers that beginners don't even think about.Imagine this:The Struggling Unemployed Coach woke up in the morning and checked his email. ...