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  1. E135 Casey Fenton: CEO @ Upstock & Founder @ Couchsurfing

    After more than a decade of launching & running Couchsurfing, the largest trust experiment of all time with 20M+ users, Casey Fenton is now the CEO of Upstock making it easy for small- and medium-sized businesses to offer Fortune 1000-level equity to their workers without expensive and time-consuming lawyers. Website:   Casey ...


  2. E134 Waleed Nasir: District Vice President @ Yale Science & Engineering Association

    Waleed Nasir is a Board Member and District Vice President at Yale Science and Engineering Association, and Head of Sales at Virtual Force Inc where he manages a global team of 100+ designers, engineers, growth hackers and social media marketers. LinkedIn: ...


  3. E133 Marc Fletcher: No-code Advocate

    Marc Fletcher is a Housing Brickwork Quantity Surveyor. A Spreadsheet Coach. A No-code Advocate & An Automation Builder. Twitter: @IndustrialMarc ...


  4. E132 Jon Werner: CEO @ KOYA Innovations Inc

    Jon Werner is CEO at KOYA Innovations Inc and the father of 3 daughters, growing stronger and stronger a marriage of 36 years. Jon Werner is an ex-IBM, ex-Adidas, and the brain behind 60+ patents. Twitter: @givekoya ...


  5. E131 Angelina Montanez: Self-Taught UI/UX Designer

    Angelina Montanez is a self-taught UI/UX Designer. A Founding Member of Baddies In Tech: - a community of black and brown women empowering the advancement of our careers in the tech industry. And A Former Gaming Editor / Esports Manager / eSports journalists for Tech We Like and eSportsNation: She ...