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May 17, 2022 00:46:29
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E152 Stephanie McKee Zielinski: Live Virtual Events Host @

Stephanie McKee Zielinski has been a multimedia host since 2012, and currently hosts live virtual events with, a media company focused on tech, business, and venture capital. The daughter of two public school educators, Stephanie spent 8 years as an art teacher in a public school district in Florida. She has taught in k-12 public and private schools, in prisons, and in many community centers. She has a passion for community art and social justice. Website: ...



May 12, 2022 00:30:15
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E151 Taylor Robichaud: Growth Developer @ Variance

Taylor Robichaud is the growth developer at Variance. Variance helps companies convert their prospects faster and identify expansion opportunities they didn't know existed. Website: Her LinkedIn: @taylorrobichaud ...



May 10, 2022 00:26:32
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E150 Alexis Kovalenko: Founder of The French NoCode Community

Alexis Kovalenko is the founder of the French NoCode Community in 2018, which now has over 6000 members, and the Co-founder of Contournement, a No-code hacker and a Full stack entrepreneur. Contournement is one of the pioneering education companies around No-Code in Europe. Alexis is also the host of No-code World Radio ( His Twitter: @alexkovax ...



May 08, 2022 00:33:36
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E149 Clement Kao: Founder @ Product Teacher

Clement Kao is the Founder at Product Teacher, a product management education company with the mission of creating accessible and effective resources for a global community of product managers, founders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.  As an ex-Principal Product Manager, Clement has shipped 10 multimillion dollar B2B software products (and dozens of smaller ones) over the last five years at multiple startups. Website: ...



May 06, 2022 00:31:44
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E148 Seth Fannin: Cohost @ My NoCode Story

Seth Fannin is a NoCode Evangelist with 12 years of experience in Project management, Operations, and IT serving enterprise public sector customers. Outside of his day job, he is a NoCode developer, a Webflow freelance web designer, an Electronic music producer, and a Cohost on My NoCode Story Podcast. His Twitter: @fannin_seth ...



May 04, 2022 00:27:39
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E147 JJ Englert: Serial Builder & Founder @ No Code Alliance

JJ Englert is a Full-time Bubble Developer @ Profound Strategy, building and helping scale a next-generation SEO tool on Bubble. He is also a Bubble Bootcamp Instructor and currently building No Code Alliance, a professional organization to amplify the careers for nocode developers. His Twitter: @JJEnglert ...