E193 Miriam Dorsett: EIR @ Entre

Episode 193 March 26, 2023 00:34:20
E193 Miriam Dorsett: EIR @ Entre
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E193 Miriam Dorsett: EIR @ Entre

Mar 26 2023 | 00:34:20


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Miriam Dorsett is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in community building, leadership and digital engagement. She is a 5th year, woman of color, bootstrapped founder.

In addition to growing her startup CHIBUR she is a certified Climate Crisis speaker through the CLEO Institute, on the board for Miami EdTech and the Entrepreneur In Residence at Entre.

Instagram: @miriamdorsett

LinkedIn: /in/miriamdorsett/

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And once upon a time there were tens of thousands of Meeker are struggling every day they build for hours and hours, but didn't ship and didn't earn enough income one day. The new cold wealth podcast came to help them find a way because of these makers became founders and live the life. They deserve because of that founders, live life, self abundance, freedom, and creativity. That's what I'm really all about hello my name is Aziz, and from being a poor boy born to a single mother in North Africa with no opportunities just cheer hard work to failing multiple start ups, yet learning a whole lot. Add to barely escaping alive the war in Ukraine even living as an illegal immigrant I've lost everything twice and now I'm rebuilding my life one more time 1% today sharing the wisdom of luminaries I've interviewed on this podcast from Google executives Goldman Sachs, the financial Times, Forbes, technology council world, economic forum, the United Nations, Harvard University, even a priest from the Vatican church. Everyone is welcome here so let's begin my yesterday is Miriam Dorsett Miriam is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in community building, leader ship and digital engagement. she is a 50 year woman of color bootstrap found her in a. Addition to growing her start up she border she is a certified climate crisis speaker through the Clio Institute on the board for Miami at Tech and the entrepreneur in residence at Entre Miriam. How are you today? Hi seas it's great to be here. I'm doing great I'm happy I'm on earth. I'm very lucky to have you here. Very curious about you as well so I'll begin with this question that I feel is the most fruitful which is in these days in this. Has there been something on your mind that you're working on or that you're considering in life or on your entrepreneurial journey that is demanding your attention and thought again and again and again right now I'd love to, but she said in your intro because she talked about abundance and just hearing all the things that you. Gone through and resonates with me, as I was also the child of a single mother, and grow up with a lot of these mindsets, when it comes to lack an abundance, and feeling like your wealth, was not achievable for me And one of the things on top of mine for me these days really last few months has been changing all of that shifting my patterns of thought in my mindset, to understand that I'm very worthy of being wealthy, and very worthy of having abundance in all areas of my lives, and my life and it's I mean it goes into everything from not just my entrepreneur ship it things around my house like squeezing the last little bit of the toothpaste out of toothpaste to just because like I don't wanna waste anything so changing a lot of the things that I do and things that I think about and definitely top of mine these days for me thank you that's a very important topic so I have to ask you again. How did you do it because in my experience such change, that is a deep identity. A level change does not happen just by telling yourself you should change or even making if you are formations, but in many ways, you have to see the world differently which means you have to do now. New things that are outside of your comfort zone, and in many ways, overcome traumas, and it's a whole journey right there. How was yours and how were you able to ingrain more of the abundance mindset, while you grew up and have momentum of thinking through and about scarcity so a couple things that I've done in reading a book one of the books I'm reading is with my mom and it's called money magic I love the way that it's written it contains rituals if you will of ways that you can kind of start to ship these money, thinking about money, and that one's very specific to money and I want to clarify that abundance to me means so much more than just money. It's about everything in my life but After doing that with my mom has been powerful because a lot of the mindsets I have come from my family because that's who I grew up with an option that comes that's a big part of our personal development where we learn our beliefs systems control our family and so some of the things that were able to work there and talk through a really powerful because we talk about them together where I can be open with my mom but oh well you know when this happened when that happened she can tell me her side of it And then the other thing I took a class with my spiritual community, called absolute abundance, pathway to permanent prosperity, and that is also contains a book that was written by Ken Diegel him, and was really good, so besides reading those books, and doing the practices that come with those books are just starting to kind of notice things Like, when when I feel like I can't afford some thing, taking the car doing that taking a status to say yes I can. I can't afford it and the shift really began a few years ago when I had this realization about the entrepreneurship journey and how I was making it difficult for myself, because everyone always says it's so hard to be an entrepreneur like you have to hustle you have to work hard to grind right that's the mentality of it and my first year of entrepreneurship. I was so in love with it I thought everyone should be an entrepreneur. Of course I was living off. My savings. Things were fine by second year it was like oh OK this is like really really hard like reality starts to sink in and that's when it started like if you look back at pictures of me during that time of my life I literally was wearing combat boots I painted a 16' x 20' mural that was a camo print I was in. Battle like mentally physically, everything I was waking up every single day, ready to go to battle and fight this fight to become successful and when I realize that that may be true, entrepreneurship is hard it is hard, but I'm not making any easier by waking up every single day, and telling myself that like, and I don't need to do that, and when I made that realization physically, I felt a relief from my body that lifted from my shoulders, and as the more that I started to tell that and share that which was really cute because I am a leader in my community. I'm in a lot of entrepreneurship groups. And so by telling other people, but it was so hard I was kind of putting a barrier of entry up for other people to kind of jump in and so once I shifted, I was able to hell change that message and say hey yes it's hard but it also can be very rewarding and it's better to wake up every single day and be like this is such a great gift and so when I started to think about, why am I telling myself this, when know every single instance in the last five years and really my entire life yeah I have been. "poor you know, but I've always had food in my fridge I don't. I mean I haven't always had a place to live. I actually have been homeless multiple times but I have survived. I have thrived in lotta cases even when other big expenses have come up somehow someway I always was able to cover it I am, so why do I have this mindset that I don't have enough and that I'm not gonna have enough when every all the evidence shows me that that's not true so I am just trying to kind of shift some of those things but it can be really emotional and I'll tell a quick little story and then I'll stop. Here but like a few weeks ago, I was shopping for refrigerator because I needed a new fridge and which is a blessing in itself because obviously like it's expensive to get a fridge and so amazing that I had money to go buy one and I found one on Facebook marketplace that was used in the exact fridge that I wanted and it was you know only it was like a third of the price than the new ones, but I was struggling trying to measure it and understand whether it was gonna fit in the space and then I was concerned like Facebook marketplace there's no return policy so I really felt like I needed to make sure that the schedules gonna fit and I didn't know how to take these measurements with the doors and removing the doors and I was just feeling very anxious about this purchase and I called my brother and I told him because I'm single woman am I and I know this is stereotypical but I just feel like this is kind of like a man probably right and so and I said reached out to one of my brothers and he was like oh When I finally explained everything to him he's like why don't you just buy the bite of new fridge she's like why are you buying this fridge from Facebook like don't do that. Just buy it from Lowe's and then if it doesn't then just return it and I was like oh no because it's so much cheaper and he was just like oh I'll get us I'll give you the money, and and at that moment the first thing that I felt was shame and embarrassment, and to the point where I was brought to tears and that's what I try to tell people like it's very emotional to be trying to take this journey and just be prepared to tabby getting in touch with your feelings quite regularly and what a blessing that is that I have abundance in my life to have family that will provide for me, but it was. That practice is like not in the end immediately going to gratitude and seeing how abundant I am, but it is my first I go to embarrassment and shame I can't afford something and I have to go to my family and ask them for help right so I'm not a whole theme of like asking for help and vulnerability. It's been some thing that I am dabbling with as well through building my product quota and trying to support entrepreneurs and everyone with being vulnerable talking about your mental health and and I believe at this point if you ask for help, you're really giving permission to others to help you which is a great opportunity for them so I'd love that we I feel like I like to embrace that now I like to ask for help In.

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