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Quick Coaching Session Audio

#22 Vinícius came to me at a time where he just lost his job because of the Coronavirus economic crisis and didn't know what to do next and where to go from there.

During this coaching session, listen as I explore his mind and help him connect with his resources to find his confidence and clarity on exactly what to do next.

I do not believe highly effective coaching is about giving advice or imposing a pre-determined plan on a person. Rather, it is about exploring their own world, connecting the disconnected parts of their neural pathways, and guiding them to find the plans, solutions, and fixes that will work best for their situations -- and most importantly, that they will stick with long term and turn into habits.

Vinícius came to me to find completeness, to feel fulfillment, and to get on a path to improve his earning. Did I help him get there?

Only one way to discover: Listen to this Podcast Episode, and sneakily spy on this coaching session.

Music: THBD - Good For You

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