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Latest Episodes…

  1. Expert Interview - Collin Mitchell: Professional Sales

    Collin Mitchell is a 4X Founder, Host at the SalesHustle Podcast, a true sales thought leader, a mindfulness nerd, and a family man. In this Episode, he shares the fundamentals of sales and followup, and his best tips to becoming a Sales Professional. His LinkedIn: ...


  2. Expert Interview - Prof Luis Suarez: Design & Emotions

    Prof Luis Suarez is a design professor and dean of faculty from South America specializing in Startups. He has a deep involvement with No Code Makers, Startups, and Entrepreneurs. And he shares his insights into effective design in this interview. His LinkedIn: His Twitter: @designaid_web ...


  3. Maker Interview - Riley Seaburg: Leadership

    Riley Seaburg is the CMO at HammerSportMarketing. He is a No-Code Enthusiast. A Combat Veteran. A previous member of the Advanced Team of Governor Cuomo in New York. And a Congressional Candidate. He shares his thoughts on No-Code, Leadership, Product-Market Fit, and many other great nuggets of wisdom. His Website: His Twitter: ...


  4. Expert Interview - Veronica Chiaravalli: Space Entrepreneurship

    Veronica Chiaravalli is a CEO, CINO, and CRO. A Visionary Executive Leader & Space Entrepreneur. She is a Mentor at The Copenhagen Business School. In this episode, she shares a foundational primer on Space Entrepreneurship and Exponential Technologies. Her Website: Her LinkedIn: Her Twitter: @Exponential_t ...


  5. Expert Interview - Ariz Keshwani: Productivity & Newsletters

    Ariz Keshwani is the brain behind HumanOS. He is a productivity expert, a brilliant young man, and a bioanthropology pre-med at Northwestern University. He shares his productivity tips, how he beat writer's block,, and other interesting nuggets. His Website: His Twitter: @arizkeshwani ...