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Latest Episodes…

  1. Marketing MakeOver - Felix Wong: VenturesList

    Felix Wong is an entrepreneur, a community builder and a growth hacker based in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. He is the Head of Growth at AngelHub, the growth manager at WHub, and a Mentor at GrowthMentor. In this episode, we discuss the marketing and messaging of VenturesList. VenturesList is designed ...


  2. Maker Interview - Dmitry Norenko: CEO of UpSwot

    Dmitry Norenko took his business idea from Ukraine all the way to being accepted at the prestigious Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator in California, and he is now successfully raising millions of dollars in investments to systematize & scale the success of UpSwot. In this episode, he shares the details behind his idea, ...


  3. Marketing MakeOver - Joshua Tiernan: No Code Founders

    Joshua Tiernan is the founder of No Code Founders, the Number 1 No Code Slack community and platform for non-technical founders and entrepreneurs with over 6429 subscribers. In this episode, we brainstorm the Marketing, Messaging, Engagement, Benefits and Avatar of the awesome NCF Members. Make sure to listen. Website:   Twitter: ...


  4. Expert Interview - Krista Jäntti: AR/VR Design & Future AI

    Krista Jäntti is the founder at EventuallyXR, where she designs Virtual & Mixed Reality UX/UI. She began as a lead UX designer in the 2D World and Design Partner at Reaktor Ventures where she was a Mentor to the best Startups in the Nordic Region, then moved to the more ...


  5. Marketing MakeOver - Ben Sears:

    Ben Sears is the founder of Billflow (ex-ServiceBot). Billflow allows you to Build your SaaS billing flow with no code in minutes, and is a Stripe Verified Partner. In this episode, we brainstormed the right messaging for Billflow, the rebranding from ServiceBot to Billflow, what matters most to No-Code Makers when using ...