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  1. Expert Interview - Sam Thompson: CEO of

    Makers are told to build more to earn more. But often, this brings in little to no money. Sam Thompson created to solve this: by focusing on growth, you can earn enough to reach financial freedom with ONE project. Because makers work too hard to earn less than they ...


  2. Marketing MakeOver - Carlos Velasquez: Remi AI

    Restaurant owners are overwhelmed and can't find time to take care of their social media. Yet, without a solid social media presence, they are losing potential clients every day. Carlos Velasquez is building Remi to fix this: restaurant owners can delegate to the Remi AI their social media marketing. So ...


  3. Maker Interview - Andrew Zakordonets: Work-Life Balance

    Andrew Zakordonets is a Maker from Ukraine working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He shares his journey trying to find work-life balance, dealing with professional anxiety / imposter syndrome, and the role that soft-skills & confidence play in earning a higher income. His Website:   ...


  4. Maker Interview - Natalie Furness: Making vs Marketing Dilemma

    Natalie Furness is a NoCode Maker, Marketer, and founder of Freelance Notion. In 6 weeks Natalie ideated, created and launched an operating system for freelancers. FreelancerOS generated over $1000 within 1 week of launching. Her Twitter: @natalie_furn Her Podcast: ...


  5. Expert Interview - Anna Oakes: Culture & Leadership

    Anna Oakes is a change agent, who combines her love for humanity with her 20 years of corporate experience and over 4 years as an entrepreneur. Acting as a leader, coach and strategic business advisor, Anna helps organizations, teams and leaders enhance performance through a focus on humanity ...