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  1. #107 Aj Picard: Deep Dive into Clava App

    Aj Picard is an Entrepreneur & Designer currently building Clava, an app that allows influencers to host exclusive live events to their community and get paid for it. His Twitter: @PIC_k_a_CARD_ Website: ...


  2. #106 Henry Rose Lee: The Future of Work

    Henry Rose Lee shares her insights about the future of work, and its impact on mental health. Henry is a published author and one of few experts in Inter-Generational Diversity. This is the Emerging Science & Management Skill of maximizing the engagement, collaboration and productivity within and across the five ...


  3. Expert Interview - Sam Thompson: CEO of

    Makers are told to build more to earn more. But often, this brings in little to no money. Sam Thompson created to solve this: by focusing on growth, you can earn enough to reach financial freedom with ONE project. Because makers work too hard to earn less than they ...


  4. Marketing MakeOver - Carlos Velasquez: Remi AI

    Restaurant owners are overwhelmed and can't find time to take care of their social media. Yet, without a solid social media presence, they are losing potential clients every day. Carlos Velasquez is building Remi to fix this: restaurant owners can delegate to the Remi AI their social media marketing. So ...


  5. Maker Interview - Andrew Zakordonets: Work-Life Balance

    Andrew Zakordonets is a Maker from Ukraine working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He shares his journey trying to find work-life balance, dealing with professional anxiety / imposter syndrome, and the role that soft-skills & confidence play in earning a higher income. His Website:   ...