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  1. Why Your Success Is Almost 100% Guaranteed With This New Paradigm (Ultimate Prioritization & Productivity For The 2020s)

    #010 Powerful idea filled with hope:If you become above average (better than 51% of people) in these 3 simple key areas of business, you will be in the top 20% and get better results than 80% of the people.I'll even show you why, based on statistical ...


  2. The Ultimate Influence & Persuasion Formula = 'S+E+N' (New Discovery)

    #009 Most people fail miserably at influencing and persuading others. This terribly limits their lives because they'll be facing failure after failure, and rejection after rejection. It's like trying to play the game without knowing the rules: You'll be lost, doing it all wrong. This episode gives you the ...


  3. COVID-19: The Official CoronaVirus Business & Marketing Survival Guide (2020)

    #008 These are crazy times...People getting sick. The vulnerable dying. The economy halted. Jobs threatened. Clients stopped spending.All good reasons to be afraid and to stress out.However, all that negativity shrinks you, scares you, and kills your ability to find solutions, to adapt quickly, ...


  4. Coronavirus / COVID-19: How The Corona Threat Will Forever Change The Way Business Is Done -- Critical Knowledge For the 2020s

    #007 The Coronavirus has currently made all human contact dangerous. The basis for such social isolation is fear.The problem is, such fear of human contact is traumatic. Even when the Coronavirus Pandemic stops, people on some level will feel a fear of direct contact with strangers. A "fear of ...


  5. How To Find The Cool New Business Idea That Will Make You Money (Niche Selection)

    #005 The standard advice for selecting a business niche is wrong. They tell you to search through forums, read through blog comments, and talk to people to find out a problem you can solve, then make that your niche. That's a recipe for short term success, and a guaranteed way ...