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  1. Danavir Sarria Interview: What Can eCommerce Stores Do to Turn the COVID-19 Economic Crisis Into an Opportunity?

    #020 Danavir is a DTC analyst that helps eCommerce businesses grow. This includes popular 7 and 8 brands like Kettle & Fire and Drink02. Today, he's working on launching his own DTC brands as well as a paid newsletter that analyzes how the world's fastest growing eCommerce brands get more ...


  2. The StoryBonding (Controversial?) Beliefs Manifesto 2020

    #019 Beliefs are important. They can shape our reality, destroy our possibilities, limit our creativity, or open the door for us to create the world we want.Even more importantly, beliefs define who we are. Communicating our beliefs is what will attract the right people into our lives, it's ...


  3. The Truth About Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets

    #018 The biggest obstacle stopping many people from success today is Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets.What are the reason deep reasons why Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets exist?What is REALLY Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets?And what can you do today to start freeing yourself ...


  4. What Can Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Teach Us About Productivity In 2020?

    #017 Many people allow how they feel to affect their productivity. Even worse, they procrastinate thinking they need to first let go of their fears, to overcome anxiety, to heal all their traumas before they take the first step. Is it even possible to overcome those things? (Answer in this ...


  5. Is It Possible To Be A Happy Successful Marketer?!

    #016 I believe the most important thing in life is to have as many moments of warm happiness as possible. However, many people forget this. They are either too busy working too much, or having too many worried and negative thoughts, or just to wait for the future and "someday" ...