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  1. Marco D'Elia Step-By-Step Identity Positioning MakeOver

    #035 Identity Positioning Applied Step-By-Step to Marco. What was the result?What's the thought process of a Positioning Expert in a real life situation?I'll take you step-by-step in this Episode through the new Positioning of Marco D'Elia.Let's Go!Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You ...


  2. Eminem Stans. Hitler Youth. And Affiliate Losers.

    #034 Who did Eminem Stans blatantly betray in the shadows?What is a deep business lesson the Hitler Youth used?And how can this ONE THING transform your affiliate marketing into a Pure Profit Positioning, today?You're a few minutes away from the answers.Listen, and ...


  3. Why Putin and Tesla Swam Through The 'River of Rejection'?

    #033 Tesla did something.Putin did the same.It all happened at the 'River of Rejection'.What is this thing? And how can it help you solve ALL your problems, today?Let's find out!Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You Support the show ...


  4. Kobe Bryant. Bill Ackman. And Content Creation Creativity.

    #032 What "infamous" 30-seconds-event happened to Kobe Bryant in 2018?Did Bill Ackman really get a 10,000% return because of the Coronavirus Economic Crisis?And how can both these surprising stories improve ALL of your content creation & creativity?Listen to this episode to find out. ...


  5. Positioning DeConstruction: Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia (Case Study)

    #031 Insightful Case Study: Look over my shoulder as I deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.This Episode will be different.I will deconstruct then re-construct the positioning of two case studies: Brian Johnson + Marco D'Elia.Even if you've never ...