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  1. Maker Interview - Abhinav Kumar: Copywriting & No-Code

    Abhinav Kumar is a young Copywriter from Bengaluru, India. He discovered No-Code, and saw the potential, as well as experienced the learning curve. In this Interview, he shares his moment of discovery, the biggest lessons he learned from Copywriting, and how he combines Copywriting with his new No-Code skills. His Website: His Twitter:  ...


  2. The 'GaryVee' 4 Quadrants Of Consistent Lead Acquisition

    GaryVee Does 4 Things You Can Use Today To Get Results."Getting Lucky" is not a viable strategy for acquiring new customers and converting more leads.Most businesses randomly grope in the dark... just... long enough... to luck into some revenue, and NOT fall deep into the abyss ...


  3. How I Got 100k Quora Views With 101 Posts - TWO Magnetic Emotions + Seth Godin

    Most communicators bore their prospects half-to-death.But when you use the two Emotional secrets of Energy in Communication, everyone will hang on every word. Every single word you utter will become... enchanting.So how will everything transform for you when you master these two simple secrets? ...


  4. How I Got 100k Quora Views With 101 Posts - ONE Primal Attention Grab

    Without attention, great products die.In this episode, you'll discover the most powerful primal way to grab attention.You'll grab attention in THE way the human brain was designed.Let's go.Episode Music: THBD - Good For You Support the show ( ...


  5. SoCal Scents Interview -- The Alchemy of YouTube Engagement

    Luke Baker and Jeff Victor, The SoCal Scents Team, have created one of the most engaged YouTube channels in modern times. In this interview, the two brains behind SoCal Scents share their personal insights, stories, and the values that continue to create the exceptional culture within their YouTube ...