E182 Ernesto Verdugo: Multi-Award Winning Speaker

Episode 182 July 29, 2022 00:25:11
E182 Ernesto Verdugo: Multi-Award Winning Speaker
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E182 Ernesto Verdugo: Multi-Award Winning Speaker

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Ernesto Verdugo is a Multi-Award Winning Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Corporate Trainer, 247th Most Traveled Person in the World. Ernesto helps You Gain Visibility, Become Relevant & Get People Lining Up To Buy Your Products Or Services Using YouTube.

LinkedIn: /in/ernestoverdugo/

Twitter: @ernestoverdugo

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Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 0:16 Once upon a time, there were 10s of 1000s of makers struggling every day they built for hours and hours but didn't ship and did not earn enough income one day, the no code wealth podcast came to help them find a way because of this, makers became founders and live the lives they deserve. Because of that, founders live lives of abundance, freedom, and creativity. That's what I'm really all about. Hello, my name is Aziz and from being a poor boy born to a single mother in North Africa, with no opportunities just sheer hard work, to failing multiple startups, yet learning a whole lot to barely escaping alive the war in Ukraine, even living as an illegal immigrant. I've lost everything twice. And now I'm rebuilding my life one more time. 1%. Today, sharing the wisdom of luminaries have interviewed on this podcast from Google executives, Goldman Sachs, the Financial Times Forbes, Technology Council, World Economic Forum, Harvard University, and even a priest from the Vatican church. Everyone is welcome, here. So let's begin. My guest today is Ernesto Barrett, Google, Ernesto helps you gain visibility, become relevant, and get people lining up to buy your products or services using YouTube. Ernesto is a multi award winner, a speaker, a TEDx speaker, a corporate trainer, that 247 most traveled person in the world. And together, we will discuss the power potential and sales impact of YouTube for your business. Ernesto, how are you today? Ernesto Verdugo 2:15 I'm doing right this is how are you? Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 2:17 I'm feeling blessed. I'm feeling optimistic. And I'm ready for this. So why YouTube? Why not video on Tiktok? On Instagram, on LinkedIn, on Twitter, or wherever else? Ernesto Verdugo 2:33 Yeah, that is? That is a fair question. I think YouTube is a fascinating platform, which is incredibly misunderstood. It is very SAF that everybody wants to really make it happen in YouTube. However they keep on treating YouTube, like if we will be a social media platform, which it isn't. YouTube is very, very different than LinkedIn, then Facebook, then Snapchat and Tiktok than any of those social media platforms, because the aspect of YouTube is not really too much the social aspect, but more than anything, the library aspect. It is more a platform like Netflix, if you will. The idea is to create a library of content. So it's basically the best way to describe it. And most people think it is a social media platform. For example, one of the biggest mistakes that most people do, especially people that have podcasts. And this is a big, big problem. Because I mean, these videos in a podcast, if you're listening right now to a podcast, this is great content, because of course you're just listening to it. But what what many people do is they actually get exactly the same content. And they put it in, in, in YouTube. And they get five views, seven views, Eight Views, 1220 views, and that is a big problem. And that's why because they are not really treating the YouTube in like if it will be a library of content, where people are going to go and find out either entertainment or properly presented education. And that is actually the the the biggest difference. So if you ask me why you do because if you understand if you actually change your mindset and start looking at YouTube as a income generating prospect generating machine, you're in the right mindset, if you're trying to see it, like I'm going to be sharing random acts of content, because I feel like sharing content. It is the biggest waste of time in the world. So for me, it is a income and pro suspect generating machine. And that's that's the big difference. That's why for me you do. It's so important. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 5:04 Thank you. So if I understood you correctly, social media platforms have content that is posted and that disappears, basically within minutes or hours. While YouTube is something else, it's like putting content like a library, as you mentioned, where for years people will find it will discover your brand will buy from you will know you, like you and trust you. And the biggest difference is it should be content that lasts a long time. And that is properly presented to both be interesting, entertaining educational at the same time. Not some random content. Did I understand correctly? Yeah, you Ernesto Verdugo 5:47 you you are you understood perfectly fine. Now, the only thing that possibly might might have been a little bit different of what I possibly meant. And that might have been my mistake, because I didn't express it correctly, was it doesn't have to last too long. One of the questions that everybody asked me is how long should a video lasting YouTube? And the answer is, sadly, it depends. If you have the ability to make people watch your video for three hours, then make a three hour video. However, if you create a three hour video, and people watch 10 seconds of it, that becomes a stone on your channel. And it will never be promoted by YouTube, YouTube, the way that they make money. Also, YouTube is a business. So YouTube, the way that they make money is by keeping people on the platform. So if you create content that people watch, the two most important metrics in YouTube, one is click through are people clicking on your on your thumbnails on your video so that people will be interested in watching the videos that you're going to watch this the first there's the first metric. And the second metric which is incredibly important is the average watch time. How long do people keep watching the video? What is the retention? So in order for your videos to work on YouTube, it's not about the amount of length is how long can you keep them watching. So for example, in in Tiktok videos are very short and people stay in the platform watching videos, which are very short and then they just keep on scrolling to another video another video another video another video and they keep that's how they keep it. In YouTube, you have the possibility of creating a five minute video, seven minute video, 10 minute video, a three hour video 24 hour video. And the important thing is that you keep them watching if you keep them watching, and YouTube can serve ads, they will love your video and they will promote your video, which for example, in the case of Facebook, Facebook will never promote your content. While YouTube promotes your content, if actually people are watching it. That's the difference of why they are not. They are not the same. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 8:12 Thank you. This is really interesting, because you mentioned how long they keep on watching your videos as well as YouTube being able to serve them more as well as business people as people who are looking for clients. The objection might be, why should I even enable monetize monetization and ads on my videos if I want them to buy from me and to trust me as an expert, whether it's my services or my products? Why should I sell somebody else's thing and therefore get less client? In theory? Ernesto Verdugo 8:50 Well, it is very simple. I mean, right now, there's no choice. Whether you like it or not, YouTube is going to set ads on your videos. I mean, right now, whether you're monetized or you're not monetize for YouTube, it's completely irrelevant. They're gonna set ads on your videos. So you can remove the videos if you don't want ads, but you need to set them into into order listed. That's the only way that you're not going to be getting at if not, you will be serving ads, whether you have already reached the 1000 subscribers and the the 4000 hours. So that question at this point is not why should I do it? Because of course it's going to be there. The question is, am I it's who is who is actually going to be benefiting from the profits from the advertising? Is it going to be me or is it going to be YouTube where we're going to be sharing the the the the profit but you know, that is just the wrong perspective. I mean, you don't have to see that if there's going to be an ad appearing into your, into your videos, you're actually promoting someone else. You are basically The recent way you do has a threshold that you have to have 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers II so that they will know that you have already done your homework. You see, I mean, if you, for example, I can give you I can give you one. One example of something that I am doing all the time I am basically, right now I can find 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s upon 1000s of channels on YouTube, that have a lot of content, and very few tracks, very few views very little traction. So, I contact these people and I tell them listen, you know, I can help you change that I can help you get traction on your on your content, I can help you get traction on your videos. And the recent way they get very surprised is well, you know, I have been creating all my content and I create my content, I upload it in Facebook, and I upload it in YouTube, and I upload it in LinkedIn, I upload it everywhere. Yeah, I understand what you're doing. But that's the wrong thing. I mean, you should not be uploading everywhere because you can you have to be quite strong and strategic on YouTube. Because Youtube, the content is going to be there forever. So if you ask me, Well, why should I actually have that? Well, the thing is, it's not any more your choice. That's basically the the nature of the nature of the platform right now basically YouTube, what they what they are doing is they're serving ads on almost every video that they're showing on the platform, because that's the way that they monetize, you have to think if I'm going to be if I'm going to be monetized, or if I'm going to become a YouTube partner, which is a better way to do it. I am partnering with somebody, and when you're partners, he has to be a win win scenario, YouTube is not there to help Tom Dick or Harry put their videos and and make money out of them. That's just not how it works. It is a partnership, you give me good content, you give me good, good information. And we will both prosper, I will make sure that we will share your content and everybody will see it, I will get my ads. And we all work. When you see it from the selfish point of view. Well, you know, am I gonna be monetize these because of greed? Forget it, that just doesn't work. So that's just basically my my answer to your question. I don't know if that's exactly what you were asking. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 12:27 Thank you. It's very clear. And therefore, I would like to benefit even more from your wisdom. You mentioned that people need to be more strategic about YouTube to not upload everywhere or on LinkedIn. What is wrong with that? We're sharing content everywhere, and your videos that you had on YouTube, etc. And other channels. This is one. And secondly, there are 10s of billions of videos on YouTube. And every day there are millions of videos or a lot, at least that are uploaded. How to find success. Is it too overcrowded? As some people might think? Ernesto Verdugo 13:10 Well, that's two questions in one. So first of all, why not upload everywhere? You know, the biggest mistake that people do is they are using platforms like for example, stream yard. And in stream yard, you can just put all these all the all your accounts, and you can stream into all sorts of different places. The problem is LinkedIn, all they care is views. That's what they care for the views is what is important. Same thing is in Facebook, it's the views. Same thing is in Instagram, same thing is in Snapchat. That's basically what it's important. How many people view the video. But in YouTube, the view, it's very different. It counts. It counts very, I mean, first of all, our view is just not only that in YouTube, in YouTube, basically it's the view. Plus, how long did people watch that video? That's the big difference. So if you upload a video that for example, let's say that you upload a video on a Facebook Live that you uploaded in Facebook, and there were 23 people watching that videos. I mean, you were there for an hour and 23 people managed to watch in the hour or 45 people or 75 people you uploaded in YouTube. I mean YouTube during that hour that the video was also streaming live there was one person watching YouTube will say you know this video is garbage and will never ever, ever promote it. So then you're actually adding a big rock into your into your channel. And if it will be an airplane it will not take off because the weight and balance is not good. If you don't have good people, enough people watching your videos in a short period of time I'm in YouTube, then that means that YouTube is gonna say, Well, you know, this doesn't work. And in YouTube, I mean, this is now a little bit of an advanced strategy if you want to think about it. But what happens is that the moment that you upload the video, you have one hour to bring as much traffic as possible, so that you do has enough data to figure out if your video is going to work out well or not. Yet, I mean, Facebook doesn't care, Instagram doesn't care. They're just have the video there. And it's there for whoever to see it. So that is the that is the number one. The number one thing is overcrowded. If you go to an overcrowded market, you see, let's try to let's try to focus in into three different marketplaces. Okay, so let's imagine that there's three kinds of channels on YouTube. And we're going to separate them like if they will be a target, like, you know, a shooting target for rifle or for an arrow and a bow and arrow in the in the, you know, the biggest circle the one furthest away from the center, it's going to be the, what, you know, I mean, whatever you can think of, you're going to put there well, you know, today, I feel like doing a video about this, or I am an expert in whatever, I'm gonna do a video about that. It's just what, and you to be saturated with videos, which are on what I mean, they are once again, as I mentioned, they are random acts of content. People don't really think about why they are doing these videos, they say, Well, you know, I have to upload a video every week, or I have to launch a video every day. So I'm gonna do a video about this because I think it's interesting. They put it into Oh, this is what I think it's interesting. That's the kind of video that I'm going to create. That's the YouTube that is oversaturate. However, if you go a little bit further into the target, the second circle getting into the center, that is going to be the how the how circle, if you do videos, which are related to how to do something, how to, for example, how to cook Spanish food, and you can have a channel on how and everything that has to do with how then those channels do very well. channels we do we'll deal with what don't do well, if you actually narrow your channel and go into into how then suddenly you start getting a lot of people which are very interested about what you're doing because of course what they're what people are searching for in YouTube, it's either education or entertainment. And then at the very center of that target is going to be the why Weiss y circle whenever you find something that people are really very passionate about, you know, there's a passion for something then that those are the videos are really worked out very well I'm I'm gonna give you one example one of my clients, his channel blew up in a matter of two or three months to levels I've never been able myself to actually get there. And this is exactly what I actually figured out what was the big difference. His focus was his his channel is it's it's in Spanish, but his channel is movies, in movies in numbers. So basically, he talks about you know, nine the night the nine best films of Tom Cruise the nine best films of that the ninth or the seventh, or every single thing is about numbers and movies. How many people do you think there are around the world that like movies 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s? How many people do you think that they like? Oh, you know, I would like to find out what are the best movies from such and such actor are? What are the best horror movies or what are the best the so he hit in a very, very strong why people are worldwide this is great, this is fantastic that I can find this. While in my case, most of the channels that I have worked and creative. They are how channels how channels can also grow, but they're not going to grow at that at that at such a large amount because of course the the niches are a little bit smaller. But that doesn't mean that it is saturated. As long as you are within the wise and the house, your channel will work if you're just doing web content, your channel is gonna fail for sure. So if you're talking about saturated markets, only the markets which are dealing with a what are the ones which are saturated house and Weiss are absolutely open for 1000s and 1000s of more channel creators and content creators. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 19:56 Thank you and some people might have an object Action about creating content about the how, because they say if I share all my how, why would people buy from me or pay me? How much free content to give and how much to keep? For my clients? What's your perspective on this? Ernesto Verdugo 20:17 One of my early mentors, one of my early mentors, in internet marketing, his name is Evan pagan. And he has one, saying that he was always talking about, you know, extend the free line, moving the free line I'm sure that you have heard about Yeah, I love Eben Pagan. Yeah, I believe that this is exactly how things should be. I mean, if you're somebody that has only three house, then you have a problem. In my case, I have house in so many different ways. And if people see that what you're sharing is actually incredibly valuable. People will keep on going to you and will buy your stuff. Absolutely. I don't have any issues in sharing a lot of house now of course you can you need to figure out well, you know, what is what I am going to be doing. And for example, I mean, if you let's say that you having a cooking channel, you can show how to do certain recipes. But you know, if you really want to know the how to get better flavoring or how to get better, whatever it is a little bit more into that, then that's what you that's what you charge for. And that I think is just the best way to do it. I mean, I honestly don't see any difference between sharing something that, oh, my goodness, this is great. This is something that I can implement. And if they get some results, people are going to go and they're going to want to get more. The problem with creating what kind of content is that you don't get any results. And right now in this day and age, results sell. So if you can actually provide a small win on every video that you're creating, that's always going to be much better than just creating a video that talks about something that your interest, Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 22:07 it does make a lot of sense. Thank you so much for sharing so much value and moving the free line. And if anybody watching would like to work with you, they want to grow their YouTube channel, they want to get more leads better leads to build the library for their business. Can you explain the process? What kinds of businesses and people you work with? And more details where they can find you so that I will make sure also, to write some of them in the episode description? Yeah, absolutely. Ernesto Verdugo 22:41 Well, you know, right now what I am doing, which is incredibly helpful is I, I have creative a, I have created the methodology that I like to call, how to think and earn like a YouTuber, because everything is a mindset, it's a mindset, it's a change of mindset, so that you think not as a marketer, Brazil as a YouTuber. And right now, what I am doing is I am providing short consultations, 1520 minutes, and then I do a audit of your channels. So if you have a YouTube channel, I can do an audit. And I can tell you, this is wrong, this is wrong. This is wrong. This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong. So I'm telling you what, I'm telling you what is wrong. But guess what happens? The moment that you know what is wrong, you're gonna want to know, How can I fix it? And that's what I come. That's what I come in afterwards, if that doesn't make sense. So if you would like me to give you a free audit, I'm not going to charge you for that it's a free one on one audit, as we are having right now in this conversation, you can go to better call Ernie better call ernie.com. And then I will be very happy. And actually there's a video there and better called ernie.com. That will show you the amount of success that I've been having with people. I mean, it's people get incredibly, they'll get they go like Oh my goodness, I never knew that this was actually possible. Yeah, well, you're not it's just changing that mindset that you need to think instead of thinking as a marketer, you have to think like a YouTuber. So that's the best way that I can. The best place where I can send you I mean, I have if I am very easy to find you search me in Google and you will find hundreds, if not 1000s and 1000s of results about me, but I think that's the best better call. ernie.com. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 24:34 Thank you. That sounds like a fantastic opportunity, as well as, of course some great news for the viewers. Thank you so much. This was my privilege, my honor, a truly enlightening conversation, and I wish you to keep going and I wish you a great day. Thank you. Ernesto Verdugo 24:52 You're very welcome Aziz. Thank you for having me.

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