E159 Happy Omosuyi: Motion Designer @ VEFI

Episode 159 June 13, 2022 00:24:11
E159 Happy Omosuyi: Motion Designer @ VEFI
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E159 Happy Omosuyi: Motion Designer @ VEFI

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Happy Omosuyi is a Christian, motion designer, public speaker, and a purpose driven individual.

He is interested in impacting lives and being the voice of the voiceless, which has made him to volunteer in various programmmes.

Happy has been able to achieve awards in various public speaking contests and debate tournaments.

He believes in team work and effective communication.

Currently, happy is part of fast rising and innovative companies and organizations as he is the Motion Designer of 3Swap and VEFI.

His LinkedIn: /in/happy-omosuyi-973b071ab/

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Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 0:16 Once upon a time, there were 10s of 1000s of makers struggling every day they build for hours and hours, but they didn't chip and didn't earn enough income. One day, the no Caldwell's podcast came to help them find a way because of this, makers became founders and live the life they deserve. Because of that, founders live lives of abundance, freedom, and creativity. That's what I'm really all about. Hello, my name is Aziz and from being a poor boy born to a single mother in North Africa, to failing multiple startups, yet, learning a whole lot to barely escaping alive the war in Ukraine, even living as an illegal immigrant. I've lost everything twice. And now, I'm rebuilding my life. One more time. 1% a day is sharing the wisdom of luminaries have interviewed on this podcast from Google executives to Amazon, Microsoft, Forbes, Technology Council, Harvard, Financial Times, and even a priest from the Vatican church. Everyone is welcome here. So let's begin. My guest today is Happy Omosuyi. Happy is a Christian, the motion designer, a public speaker, and the purpose driven individual, he is interested in impacting lives. And being the voice of the voiceless, which has made him volunteer in various programs, happy has been able to achieve awards in public speaking contests, as well as debate tournaments. And he believes in teamwork, effective communication, and participating in fast rising and innovative companies and organizations such as the more the three, swap and v phi happy how are you today? Happy Omosuyi 2:26 Hello, I'm fine. I'm fine. Great to be part of this in great pleasure and a big Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 2:34 thank you for me as well, I'm so happy to have you here. And this is how I want to begin asking you about public speaking or communication. How do you think about what is your process of imagining? What is it to be a good public speaker? How do you prepare? Do you have some metaphors that help you think and perform better? What is your approach and method? Happy Omosuyi 3:02 Okay, to me, I think being a public speaker is just about critical thinking. That's simple. And basically, just about critical, critical thinking. Not all of the speakers are good on this because not everyone. Not everyone is the best actually, not everyone was born the best. Everyone has proved to be a great public speaker, the likes of Les Brown, the likes of dirty air, one of them used to be a public speaker because they were able to manage the butterflies in their bed, they were able to think creatively they will be able to think innovatively and out of the box. I think the best metaphor for public speaking is Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 3:40 thank you I love that answer. And do you believe because there are two schools of thought that public speaking is something that when you train the techniques and you know the subject you can just improvise and do everything without any preparation? Or do you believe that it's preparation that makes public speaking possible excellent and effective. Actually, Happy Omosuyi 4:08 preparation matters and loads preparation does a very nice thing that really matters a lot. particular stage a public speaker gets to that preparation becomes secondary and not primary any longer because it's all about how you develop yourself out what level you develop yourself how you're able to think and process things fast because an amount of competition a lot of progress because sometimes they don't need to like prepare again because they actually we asked if actually prepared themselves they've actually pitch themselves internally. So whenever you see them outside the oil bring out what has been inside of them. So I actually public speaking is not just is about preparation was preparation. Sometimes it matters when you just starting so preparation is actually something that matters when you are just starting. Preparation only affects you when you're just starting, but a lot of people have developed themselves that way. By when they speak to a large crowd, they answer questions. They talk articulately without even touching because they've prepared themselves internally. So what I mean by this is that preparation starts internally. There's a lot. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 5:13 I really, really love that answer. And, look, you're involved with fast rising organizations and startups, and a lot of entrepreneurs, especially either those who are technically minded, or even makers and builders want to improve, I need to improve their communication, so that they will stand out in the marketplace, make their mark, and be unique and heard. So two things, how, what's your advice that you learned from your experience in order to communicate in a way that is different that gets attention, as well as well? What is to you marketing as a form of communicating as the the value of the product, the business and the company? Happy Omosuyi 6:02 Okay, what I feel that makes me stand out in case of marketing or in case of whatever I can do is, what makes me unique is the fact that I actually, actually think beyond the books, that's what makes me like, a most times work way, right, get to whatever I see myself doing most envelope thinking. So most times when I get to all these companies, or startups or frustrating projects, what's making me even go to bad galleries, because I tend to like think outside the box, I don't want to follow the norm. I don't want to follow the particular things people do. A lot of people my age too. So to put it like that. So most times what I do in terms of marketing that I bring myself out, I don't limit myself otherwise, in case most people have old age, older generations or older like minds to be to put it like that, what I do is that I tend to like, bring out my own intellect, I never on the mind myself, that's actually something I do to bring myself out or in every organization I get. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 7:06 How can someone become like that? And similar to you? How can someone or a person in this world you know, become someone who thinks critically or doesn't, or thinks outside of the box or of the book and all that? Happy Omosuyi 7:24 Okay, so my best advice to anyone who actually wants to like be better version of themselves, you just need to like bring your safeguards, you just need to not limit yourself out only to limit yourself, believe in yourself. Believe in yourself. A good man was said he said, it will be others who believe in you should that should work. It's because everyone wants to see particular results, no one wants to see that you've been struggling or to see that you've been passing through this or that everyone wants to see particular results. So for you to attain a particular level of critical thinking or important level of achievement, and like I say, that belief in yourself, even if the word says no, even if the word says it's impossible, even if everybody is against you, and your parents, even your siblings, even people around you, even if they're against you, what I believe is that you just need to believe in yourself. Because if you can believe in yourself, then you can actually achieve It's like someone actually told me, he said, if you can envision it, then you can actually see it. So it all depends on your mentality, or depends on your mind, how you are able to think your thinking matters, because most times your thinking limits your ability, skill, thinking abilities, your thinking limits your capacity. So actually what I think for everyone to get a level, and like it's actually matters on how you believe in yourself, and your critical thinking, the mindsets, the mentality. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 8:46 I really adore this, I love it. And tell me about you being the voice of the voiceless. What does that mean? How did you do it? And why is it important for you, Happy Omosuyi 9:00 when when I say in the voice of the voiceless? Well, I actually really shouldn't be able to like go through that. So what I mean by being the voice of the voiceless, what I mean is, I'm able to speak out for the world, I'm able to speak out for the younger generations, I'm able to speak out. For those who don't have a word of their own, I'm able to speak out for people of like minds, I'm able to speak out for people that that have this vision that I have this idea that I have this ability to be creative, but they don't have the enabling environment love the support the need. So I'm actually the voice that speaks to them. I'm actually the voice that used my rhythm they use my own voice to encourage them to make them know that there is a future to make them know that they can actually come people like to make them do that. It doesn't matter where they are, what matter is what they are going to awake we are going to what manner is where the meat themselves like doesn't matter if your background is down. It doesn't matter if you are from a poor background. It doesn't matter where you come from. What matters is where you're going, what matters is for you to come. So that's actually why I came about the voice of the voiceless, whereby I tend to like encourage people, I tend to like make them think beyond the box, I tend to make them see their capacities, I tend to make them see that, indeed potential in them. And what I mean by being the voice of the voiceless Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 10:19 like that, and I like how much you care about people. And it seems that people are very important for you. I would like to ask you for your advice, specifically for networking to a lot of the founders and makers and startup creators, they're really not really good at networking and building relationships and connections with new people. You for example, what is your method to make new alliances new friends to connect with a person beyond the superficial if you want to describe it in step by step because you know, a lot of founders like that step by step process of how to begin networking effectively and building relationships with people that are not shallow or superficial. Happy Omosuyi 11:12 Okay, actually, actually, my step by step method is I fixed it kind of conversation, what I do is foods like network in the police, I've never been to, for me to network in the police shows been there for them, what I do is that I could kind of conversation or kind of aura around me that makes you see me as a friend, and makes you see me as a burden, and makes you see me as someone you've met before someone you've been including relationships with. So the first step is that you create a kind of aura around people. Wherever you go, wherever you live, you can create a kind of aura around yourself that makes them feel comfortable around you that the kinds of ways the conversation whenever they're around. So that's the first step I do, then the second step is, I love them, I give them the ability or the chance the time to talk. So most times I listen to them, because I want to learn from them, it would be by you what they do even better than they do even a little bit is what they do, I tend to like give them the opportunity to speak, see their mind heard your voice. So that actually brings about a kind of networking system. So because most times if I'm just talking about myself talking about the second about what I've done, talking about where I've been at, if you want to cry, I am free to kind of relationship amongst although I miss those people I just met for the first time. So to actually bring about a case of I'm just feeling myself or I'm just bringing myself out to the woods not being able to talk about themselves or talk about where you've been at where they actually tend to be at. So what I do is that the second step is that I create a kind of an opportunity for them to speak. That's it. So the third thing I do is that other kind of opportunity for them to speak, what I do is that exchange contacts, we we connect on different areas of our cooperation with each other we will be in ads, we tell each other what we've done, we tell each other the opportunity that can actually rise from each of us connecting today's up there's a lot of relationships and a lot of things so far and networks are the is capacity. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 13:26 How do you do that? Because he spoke about internally and how communication public speaking is more internal? How do you create an aura of being someone that they have known before? Do you imagine they are? Like their face? Is your friend or family member? Or how do you approach it practically? Depending on what Happy Omosuyi 13:56 can you come that idea that Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 14:00 you spot like what is your technique in order to feel like people you have the aura of someone they already know, you know? Happy Omosuyi 14:10 Oh, so actually, for for me to create that kind of aura. I MC committed to that kind of people feeling like someone they already know, like, I smile, I shouldn't blow, I tend to bring that once feeling for them. Like I shouldn't that I'm someone that is actually open because that times your body language matters. So these are critical or to my body language. My body language matters. Like that's how I've been able to create that unique around me because most times the way you relate to your family, most times it depends on your body language because the way you relate your family, your friends, your relations are on different levels. So what actually was this relationship more times it's your attitude, your behavior, your body language return now your set people in July, that's what I do to quit it kind of all around me like, I adjust my body language you please to to a system or a particular environment whereby it can upset people. And there's a way you are just to get along with the people around you even notices a particular change in the nature of a particular feeling around your day to day particular wants around you. That's what creates a particular aura. Because most times you see a lot of people, they use bone, their faces to squeeze their faces the front a lot, which is actually something I don't love to do. So what I do that equity kind of friendly body language actually bring that kind of love you're around me, since I've been able to connect on different levels. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 15:40 Thank you. And a lot of people think about communication as a logical argument or even debating. What do you feel since you're speaking about emotions, the role of emotions and communication and good communication? Is it 50%? Is it 90%? What is the role? And can someone be totally illogical, but highly, positively emotional and be more effective? Or what is your approach? Happy Omosuyi 16:13 Asking that rule of emotional communication attorney please, very high to very high. So what I do is that most times, emotions play about 70% in everything you do your emotions play about 70%. Report on your emotions, deep lense, whatever you do, wherever you go, because most times a lot of people in a lot of businesses, what they do is that they bring their emotions and whatever. So that's actually most of them, a lot of businesses. Don't try a lot of businesses squinted. Because if your emotions are not actually maintained, or to read about a negative events, so I believe in both of the motions, and whatever you do is about 72%. So emotional, that really affects you in every area almost every year if your neighbor killed it. So emotions being about a case whereby, for instance, you're in a business, and that particular business, you were told to do particular thing, but because you felt down and at home, or probably your parents or probably your loved one, probably your wife made you angry again. So that emotion actually transcends into that business, it makes our business on able to be finished, it means that what you're planning to do are able to finish or that particular job, you have been given on a variety of things. So that would emotion those emotions vary between on whatever you do, or wherever you go on whatever you're planning to do to emotions, I believe, the effect of emotion on whatever we do is about 70 cents. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 17:45 I love this. And I have to ask you, because you learned a lot of things in your life, even now, like motion design and all that. How do you approach learning in order for you to actually develop skill and become competent. A lot of people either only read but they don't really practice, or they learn but not really going deep, just a shallow level of learning. And it doesn't really develop into high skill. But also, of course, we live in a world where we are there are like a million things we feel we're supposed to learn. What's your method for learning? How do you approach it? And how do you develop skills? Unknown Speaker 18:28 So actually, I really love this question. I'm being serious. Happy Omosuyi 18:32 This is actually a question I've always loved. I really love this question. So most times, there's this particular thing whereby we say that our did say, it said that it must allow a lot of trades, and it must have known something that has been common right now, a lot of trades, a lot of skews and a master of none. So a lot of another school of thought has come to see that when you can actually learn a lot and be must have them all worked on to an extent I see programming. That's right. And to an extent I say probably it must have known in keep going into every skill on into habitual so there's actually something those two school of thoughts I owe them 50 50%. So now this is my own take on this two school of thoughts. So most times, a lot of people they feel that I need to learn this, I need to learn that I need to learn a particular parameter, then this karate, you can actually be perfect in everything. But what matters is how you're able to like keep your time to each every one of them, schedule your schedule your time for every one of them. So that's actually what miners are able to take your time for every one of them it doesn't matter how many stimulate but miners are able to break down your time and break down your learning capacity. Break down your practice level for you to be able to be master of all these skills because you can actually lead 1000s doses of skills or you can never be a master of any one of them even able to practice at a particular level. Even though you're looking to teach the skills that particularly Will you just be a learner at virtually everything in and out virtually everything, because you just do one that does this, those that are never perfect in everything. So what I believe that if you're someone that learns slowly, so the best advice is for you to like pick the particular skin perforated, even he was not only a percent prefer to make a percentage of 70%, that after you go to the last few, make a percentage of 70%. But if you're going to the last year, that doesn't mean you just dropped that first few, what you actually do that, as you're learning the second skill, you're also practicing the Freschi. So you discover that the more you keep learning, and the more you keep learning, the more you know, and the more you know, the more places you go, and the more places you go, the more your capacity and your knowledge in life. So that's how I've been able to like learn skills. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 20:47 Thank you. And since being Christian is a very important part of your identity, how does faith support your productivity and success? Have you had situations where you felt there was like divine intervention? Or something bigger that helped you succeed rather than your own effort? And how does that make a part of who you are? Happy Omosuyi 21:15 Wow. Wow, I love this question. Wow, this this will be. So most times, actually, I love being on the safe side whenever I bring religion into whatever it because there's a part of the school of thought that really, there's no there's no there's nothing religion close to them. There's nothing religion doors. But what I believe is that they're supernatural things, they're supernatural beings, they're actually things that control the water, the natural things that control whatever we do in life. So most times, what you believe in actually works for you, what you put your mind in actually works for you. So there are a lot of times that I've done a lot of things that I have thought that I can never get this particular thing I can never be at this particular level. But I see a particular intervention, whatever I do, most times a lot of people might say it's locked or locked, might as well see there's a relationship with the crate, with the spirit within a relationship retreats with their consciousness is a relationship recruits with a data set. And that's transcendent to whatever you do, because most of them is a reflection of whatever you do, or the coach worship or the date you worship, can sense to whatever you do in life, that relationship transcends to whatever you do in life, that relationship transcends to whatever theme you're able to, like, bring about a nutshell, believe this is supernatural intervention in most times, whatever I do, a lot of times, I never managed to get to a particular place, but I just get a supernatural intervention. And that's it. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 22:52 Thank you, this is so interesting. And it was an enriching conversation happy, it's absolutely wonderful, you have a lot of wisdom, a lot of insight. And if people want to learn more about you to communicate with you, what are the best social media for them to do that, and I will write some in the description Happy Omosuyi 23:15 of it. If you want to connect with me, you can connect with me on LinkedIn, on LinkedIn at almost VRP or I share my LinkedIn profile. And also you can also connect with me on Instagram at almost VRP or connect with me on Facebook, or almost we have. So these are mostly the platforms I use for connections. Thank you very much. Abdulaziz M Alhamdan 23:38 You're welcome. And you should join Twitter because a lot of people who are similar to our Twitter is the place to be. Thank you so much. I wish you a wonderful day. Happy and this was great. Thank you

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