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The Ultimate Influence & Persuasion Formula = 'S+E+N' (New Discovery)

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The Ultimate Influence & Persuasion Formula = 'S+E+N' (New Discovery)

#009 Most people fail miserably at influencing and persuading others. This terribly limits their lives because they'll be facing failure after failure, and rejection after rejection. It's like trying to play the game without knowing the rules: You'll be lost, doing it all wrong. 

This episode gives you the formula that is at the core of all influence and persuasion, especially what works in this new decade, the 2020s -- whether marketing your products, growing your business, giving a pitch or a presentation at a boardroom, or even persuading your kids to tidy up their room or your spouse to save your relationship. 

Everyone is in the business of influence and persuasion, whenever you're asking someone for a YES, or wanting someone to do something, you're influencing and persuading. You'll either do it right, or very very wrong. 

When you do it right, the other person will actually enjoy the act of being influenced and persuaded. It's totally warm, ethical, and effective. 

And the result is a life where things go your way, where people buy your products, where they're convinced of your opinions, where your ideas spread, your reputation growths -- and best of all, you'll build the true self-esteem that comes from being an effective human being. 

Because nobody is born with the manual of how to succeed as a human being, so every little advantage your learn counts, and this Influence and Persuasion formula will be your very best advantage to succeed at life. 

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