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  1. #110 Lilith Brockhaus: Co-Founder Visual Makers DE

    Lilith Brockhaus is the co-founder of the German NoCode community Visual Makers, along her Alexander Sprogis. Their mission is to show that tech is something fun rather than scary. Democratizing tech means to put the power of coding in people's hands - with NoCode. Website: ...


  2. #109 Jason Staniforth: Marketing Your Expertise

    Jason Staniforth is a Digital Growth Coach and Brand Strategist, as well as being a speaker, author and the co-founder of Expert Unleashed. His strategies in branding and marketing have delivered impressive results such as taking a UK-based software company from being in debt to turning over £3.5m in 27 ...


  3. #108 John Ozuysal: Giving Back To The Community

    John Ozuysal is a Growth Marketer, the Head of Growth at UserGuiding, and previously a Co-founder at 500Startups company. John Ozuysal has developed a reputation for being one of the most helpful & giving members of the community. His Twitter: @john_ozuysal ...


  4. #107 Aj Picard: Deep Dive into Clava App

    Aj Picard is an Entrepreneur & Designer currently building Clava, an app that allows influencers to host exclusive live events to their community and get paid for it. His Twitter: @PIC_k_a_CARD_ Website: ...


  5. #106 Henry Rose Lee: The Future of Work

    Henry Rose Lee shares her insights about the future of work, and its impact on mental health. Henry is a published author and one of few experts in Inter-Generational Diversity. This is the Emerging Science & Management Skill of maximizing the engagement, collaboration and productivity within and across the five ...