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  1. What Abraham Lincoln, Madonna & Megan Fox Learned From P______'s Myth

    #040 There is nothing like it...The 7 letter P____ myth. Abraham Lincoln exploited it. Megan Fox took advantage of it.Madonna used it and abused it. But  95% of people never do.What is the 7 letter p ____ myth, and how can ...


  2. The Real Life Story of Ashley Tervort (Imaginary?!)

    #039 Ashley came like a comet to the Social Media world...But what's her real story? What's hidden that most people don't see?The juicy details will be EXPOSED in this episode.So first subscribe, then listen.Let's go!Podcast Music: THBD - Good ...


  3. Neil Patel Origin Story -- Improved

    #038 Neil Patel became one of the most famous brands in Digital Marketing, fast...How does he use his Origin Story in his marketing?And can his Origin Story be made much MUCH better?Listen to notice the nuances, tips, and nuggets.Plus, a surprise inside! ...


  4. One Big Prediction for 2021: The Death of Direct Response Marketing

    #037 One BIG prediction for 2021 that changes everything.And one simple strategy.Those who will use it will turn into millionaires.Those who will ignore it will be begging, homeless, on the streets.Which will you be?Listen, subscribe and discover. Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You ...


  5. Brendon Buchard Origin Story Analysis

    #036 This story is responsible for $100s of millions in sales.What secrets does it hold?And how can you begin applying them today to make all your marketing more effective?Subscribe, listen, and absorb.Podcast Music: THBD - Good For You Support the show ...