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Latest Episodes…

  1. Maker Interview - Aditi Jain: Canonic Low-Code Platform

    Aditi Jain is the Co-Founder of Canonic, a low code platform that allows you to craft API's in minutes. For any project, Canonic is the fastest way to build its backend -- Canonic allows you to publish complex REST & GraphQL APIs complete with webhook workflows, documentation and a CMS.   Website:   Twitter: ...


  2. Marketing MakeOver - Marty Lindsay: RosterBuddyApp

    In this episode, we discuss an even bigger marketing opportunity for Marty Lindsay and his work on RosterBuddyApp.  Marty Lindsay is a coder turned no-coder, who has been in the IT industry since 1996, and is now using No-Code to create RosterBuddyApp - an Automatic Chore Roster for housemates. Twitter: @MartyLindsay_NZ @RosterBuddyApp   Website:  ...


  3. Expert Interview - Atray Agrawal: Building Community Through Values

    Atray Agrawal built a thriving local community of over 5000 people passionate about arts. He is a Media Entrepreneur, working with artists for the past 7 years. He worked with over 200+ artists across multiple genres - folk music, indie music, dance, magic, and standup comedy etc. His Twitter: ...


  4. Marketing MakeOver - James Bacon: Strength & Conditioning Coach

    James Bacon is a Strength & Conditioning Coach from Derby, England. He coaches busy professional Dad to more strength, weight loss, confidence & energy by fixing their health & body. We discuss his marketing, messaging and deeper emotional benefit in this episode. So make sure to listen.   His Website: ...


  5. Expert Interview - Nick Cegelski: Sales & Cold Calling Best Practices

    Nick Cegelski is the top Enterprise Account Executive at SurePoint, a recognized Tier 1 provider of financial and practice management software to law firms and the fastest growing legal tech firm in the U.S. Nick is also the co-host of the 30 Minutes to President’s Club Podcast, a no-nonsense sales podcast that ...