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April 25, 2022 00:43:26
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E143 Mark Piller: CEO @ Backendless

Mark Piller is CEO of Backendless, changing this world to be serverless and codeless. Backendless is the Full Stack Visual App Development Platform: A complete visual app builder that makes apps intuitive to develop and easy to manage, no code required. Website: ...



April 22, 2022 00:28:47
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E142 Mustafa Sakalsiz: CEO @ Code2

Mustafa Sakalsiz is the CEO and co-founder of Code2 a no-code platform that helps people to build customer-facing web applications. Originally a computer scientist and software enthusiast. For the last 16 years, Mustafa became a serial entrepreneur and made it to being a Y Combinator Alumnus. Website: ...



April 21, 2022 00:27:58
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E141 Jordan Richardson: Creator of NoCode Advantage

Jordan Richardson is the creator of NoCode Advantage, the ultimate academy for tech entrepreneurs and freelancers. Jordan has previously built a successful 7-figure software business using NoCode that was accepted into AngelPad, and is sharing the profitable lessons learned with the NoCode and Startup communities. His Twitter: @NoCodeAdvantage ...



April 19, 2022 00:27:31
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E140 Janis Ozolins: Visual Content Creator

Janis Ozolins visualizes ideas for ambitious creators. He simplifies ideas on creativity and personal development. His visuals have been seen by millions of people, and led me to work with Julian Shapiro, Shaan Puri, Matt D’Avella, and others. His Twitter: @OzolinsJanis ...



April 17, 2022 00:28:45
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E139 Pierre de Wulf: Co-Founder @ ScrappingBee

Pierre de Wulf is the co-founder of ScrappingBee, a service that handles headless browsers and rotates proxies for you. Pierre is bootstrapping ScrappingBee, currently making $1 million ARR with a team of 3, and sharing all the lessons learned along the way. Twitter: @Pierredewulf ...



April 15, 2022 00:29:20
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E138 Martin Vidal: Upcoming Author & Stock Trader

Martin Vidal is the Author of “The Ambition Handbook: A Guide for Ambitious Persons” as well as "Flower Garden" which is an exploration of the human soul. In addition to writing, Martin is fascinated with the practice and discipline of stock trading. Web: ...

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