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  1. E122 Evans Akanno: Founder @

    Evans Akanno is a Forbes 30 under 30. He is a Designer. Building no-code tools on   His Twitter: @evansakanno ...


  2. E121 Saaman Gerami: Founder at Growth Ranker

    Saaman Gerami is the Founder at Growth Ranker: A platform that analyzes Indie Hackers products everyday & shows the top startup growth trend based on Stripe-Verified revenue and Google Analytics traffic. Twitter: @saaman_ @GrowthRanker Website:   ...


  3. E120 Max Haining: Founder @ 100DaysOfNoCode

    Max Haining is the Founder at 100DaysOfNoCode, an educational platform on a mission to democratize software creation by helping people build websites and apps without code. He is an On Deck No-Code Fellow. His Twitter: @HainingMax   Website:   ...


  4. E119 Thomas Drach: Design Lead at Mixpanel

    Thomas Drach is a Product Design Historian. An Epistemology Student. A Subscription Fanboy. And a Design Lead at Mixpanel. His Twitter: @thomasdrach ...


  5. #118 Nur Shafiqah Shahirah: On Deck No-Code Fellow

    Nur Shafiqah Shahirah is a First Cohort On Deck No-Code Fellow, and building in public Systematize. She is a supporter of minorities and an advocate for more women founders in the tech startups space. Her Twitter: @shafghaz ...