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  1. The New Way To Attract Good Clients Without Pursuing Or Trying -- What Works in Business in the 2020s

    #006 Many business people try to get clients the wrong way. They think that by trying to get business, by instigating, initiating, and inviting people to take the next step, they will sell more. But in reality, a quirk of human nature is that we run away from that which ...


  2. Why Timelines Create True Human Bonding in Your Marketing and in All Your Relationships

    #003 Marketers, today, when they want to move into storytelling and to add personality to their marketing... they either brag about their success or present random facts about themselves, such as showing a picture of their dog or a story about their daughter.  This creates a disjointed random picture of ...


  3. The Weird Reason Your Personal Perspective is Marketing Gold (Increase Your Marketing Confidence For The 2020s)

    #004 Most people nowadays focus on sharing information. That information may be amazing, but it's a little bit too sterile. Yes, people will take that information, but will develop no bond with the person sharing it. There is no loyalty.  However, when you include your perspective and point of view, ...


  4. How to Use the X-Squared Simple Story Structure

    #002 The story structures taught to you are meant originally for scriptwriters. Scriptwriters take 3-6 months to write the first draft of their script. We marketers and business owners don't have such luxury of time, and we don't need to.Because of this, some marketers and business owners ...


  5. The Most Important Marketing Prediction for 2020 and Beyond

    #001 Today, most marketers and business owners are using marketing that is easy to copy. It has no real uniqueness.What’s worse, the upcoming domination of A.I. Marketing will drive them ALL out of business. What they think, today, is a competitive advantage will be easily cloned tomorrow by ...