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  1. The Coronavirus Strategy To Dominate & Succeed In Any Coaching Niche

    #025 The Coronavirus is causing the biggest economic crisis of our lifetimes.Millions of jobs lost. Many traditional businesses are trying to survive.However, in this world getting more and more used to social isolation, people are buying more and more coaching services.So, how can a new coach ...


  2. How "Chaos Theory" Is The Missing Key To Stop Procrastination & Get Success Today

    #24C02T36 Life is Chaos. Life is a lot more random than you think. And for anybody who doesn't know exactly what this means, they will live a life of suffering. First, they'll take the wrong actions that get them the opposite of what they want. Second, they'll give up just before they ...


  3. Why Marketing Funnels Are The Biggest Scam of 2020 And The Free 3-Step Plan To Implement Instead

    #23C01T33 Have you ever heard of Marketing Funnels? Of course you have. They're being hyped left and right lately.The reality is: Marketing Funnels are the biggest scam pushed in 2020.The Marketing Funnels That Gurus Sell Don't Work Because of 3 Obvious Reasons. And What To Do ...


  4. Quick Coaching Session Audio

    #22 Vinícius came to me at a time where he just lost his job because of the Coronavirus economic crisis and didn't know what to do next and where to go from there.During this coaching session, listen as I explore his mind and help him connect with his ...


  5. Acing Job Interviews During The Economic Crisis With The Power of Personal Positioning

    #021 The coronavirus economic crisis caused millions of jobs lost, and this is just the beginning. More businesses will go bankrupt, more places will need to lay off employees, and in such a tough market, more people will be fighting for less and less available jobs. And the ...