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Latest Episodes…

  1. Marketing MakeOver - Whit Anderson: Bad Unicorn

    Whit Anderson works at a startup accelerator called Techstars, a consumer startup called Handpicked, runs a startup called Random Pizza & a product studio called BadUnicorn. Bad Unicorn is SNL for Startups, it's the newsletter that brings the worst startup ideas to life every (other) Friday. In this Episode, we ...


  2. Maker Interview - Sarkis Buniatyan: State of the No-Code Community

    Sarkis Buniatyan (Sako) is a thought leader in the No-Code Community. He is known for developing hyper-realistic prototypes, pushing No-Code tools to the bleeding edge, and teaching makers how to launch their vision into an MVP. He discusses the present state of the No-Code Community, its potential, and his plans ...


  3. Marketing MakeOver - Colum O'Brien & Jack Groshek: ModernAction

    Colum O'Brien & Jack Groshek have used No-Code to bring the voices of the people and the causes that NGOs care about to the elected officials in the USA, in order to cause real change in campaign messaging and in the reforms that get pushed. Listen as we discuss the right ...


  4. Expert Interview - Jamie Smart: Clarity & Results

    Jamie Smart is a Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach. He is the author of the International Number 1 Bestselling book "Clarity", and the new best seller "Results: Think Less, Achieve More." In this episode, he shares the principles, understandings and mindsets that can allow us to ...


  5. Marketing MakeOver - Joshua Johnson: Selling To Coaches

    Joshua Johnson is a tattoo artist who turned Maker after his small business was hurt by the pandemic. His idea is to use NoCode Tools in helping coaches schedule discovery calls and follow-up with their leads, and receive a fair fee for these services. Together, we explore the challenges he ...