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March 17, 2021 00:45:54
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#117 Dan Gusz: CEO & Co-founder at Lloyd

Dan Gusz is the CEO and co-founder at Lloyd -- bringing clarity to careers & helping professionals start loving their careers again. Website: ...



March 16, 2021 00:48:13
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#116 Hemen Mahmoudi: Product Designer from Canada

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Hemen Mahmoudi is a seasoned designer with more than 8 years of experience in brand development and execution, web, UI and UX design for a broad range of clients and brands worldwide. His LinkedIn: ...



March 15, 2021 00:51:23
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#115 Lola Ojabowale: OnDeck Fellow & Founder @ Lunch Pail Labs

Lola Ojabowale is an OnDeck Fellow & the founder at Lunch Pail Labs, a digital product studio that builds, helps build, and invests in products that matter; powered by no and low-code and have been seen in places like Product South, The Buildies, and Atlanta Business Radio. Her Twitter: @ojabowalola ...



March 12, 2021 01:00:56
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#114 Christopher Perceptions: Immerse Founder @ Bubble

Christopher Perceptions is an Immerse Founder in Residence at Bubble, and the founder at PerceptForm Inc, an end-to-end ecosystem of cryptocurrency/blockchain products and services for introducing minority communities to the new world of blockchain.   A strategic partnership with Hill Harper & PerceptForm:   Instagram: @cmpgfb Twitter: @cmpgfb   Websites:   Courses: ...



March 11, 2021 01:06:50
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#113 Tom Nielsen: Saltcorn Open-Source NoCode Platform

Tom Nielsen is a data scientist and software engineer with a background in neuroscience. He is the developer building Saltcorn, a free software and open source no-code platform. Saltcorn is a platform for building database web applications without writing a single line of code. Website: Twitter: @saltcorns ...



March 10, 2021 00:51:19
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#112 Greg Zen: On Deck Fellow & CEO at StartupHeroics

Greg Zen is a stage-4 survivor, veteran & serial entrepreneur dedicated to serving the change-makers of today. Currently, he is an On Deck fellow, a YCombinator alum, and mentor. Pick His Brain:   His Twitter: @MrGregZen   Website: ...

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