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Latest Episodes…

  1. Expert Interview - Protik Mukhopadhyay: Forbes Technology Council

    Protik Mukhopadhyay is a Best Selling Author, an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council, the President of Standav Corp, and a Board Member of the Quote to Cash Community. His Website:   His LinkedIn: ...


  2. Expert Interview - Nido Abdo: Freedom or Nothing

    From a Somali Refugee to a US Citizen to working directly with the legendary Dan Kennedy to becoming one of the most connected people in Dubai, Nido Abdo is an International Business Growth Coach inspiring Entrepreneurs to break their limits and reach their business potential through his motto: "Freedom or ...


  3. Expert Interview - Jonaed Iqbal:

    Jonaed Iqbal is the founder of NoDegree, where he helps great people without college degrees figure out the opportunities available to them & get great jobs. In this interview, we discussed how to know your worth & the value you bring to the table. This was one of the earliest unreleased ...


  4. Marketing MakeOver - Dimitris Karavias:

    In this episode, we brainstorm the right marketing for Schema. Dimitris Karavias partnered with Sarkis Buniatyan to build Schema in public : A place where Makers can brainstorm in public, mockup their ideas, then instantly sync the result with their favorite No-Code tools. Schema is the brainstorming platform for creatives & makers ...


  5. Maker Interview - Md Salehin Khan: Inoryum &

    Md Salehin Khan is a Maker building in public. In this interview, he shares the struggles he had building a business as a citizen of Bangladesh, how useful it was to register Inoryum online in the UK, and his first SaaS for No-Coders: offering Managed Ghost Publication. This was ...