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Latest Episodes…

  1. Expert Interview - VJ Niles: Career Strategy

    VJ Niles is a career strategist & business startup coach, helping mid-level professionals wanting to get to the next level, executives decide their next move between C-suite or doing their own thing, and entrepreneurs trying to figure out how to bring their idea to fruition. She provides real world strategy and ...


  2. Expert Interview - Lois Koffi: Sales Process Mastery

    Lois Koffi is a mom, a fairly new online marketer forced to pivot because of the pandemic, and a highly experienced sales trainer and speaker. Coaches/speakers/authors and podcasters hire her to help them pivot with excellence in sales and lead generation mastery through organic methods to get to 5 figures or ...


  3. Expert Interview - Tom Cronin: Meditation is The Portal

    Tom Cronin is the creator of The Stillness Project, a global movement to inspire one billion people to meditate daily, and one of the world’s most prominent speakers and teachers in this space. He is the Executive Producer & Co-Writer of the Movie and Book: The Portal. Tom Cronin was features ...


  4. Expert Interview - Protik Mukhopadhyay: Forbes Technology Council

    Protik Mukhopadhyay is a Best Selling Author, an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council, the President of Standav Corp, and a Board Member of the Quote to Cash Community. His Website:   His LinkedIn: ...


  5. Expert Interview - Nido Abdo: Freedom or Nothing

    From a Somali Refugee to a US Citizen to working directly with the legendary Dan Kennedy to becoming one of the most connected people in Dubai, Nido Abdo is an International Business Growth Coach inspiring Entrepreneurs to break their limits and reach their business potential through his motto: "Freedom or ...