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Latest Episodes…

  1. Marketing MakeOver - Evgeny Kostromskoy: PorchShip

    How can Amazon Returns using PorchShip save your Marriage and the future of your Children? The surprising answer is in this Podcast episode. Evgeny Kostromskoy is the brain behind PorchShip. He is a Startup Founder, a Data Science Fellow at SharpestMind, and a Machine Learning specialist. Website: ...


  2. Golden Interview - Stephen Campbell: Wisdom, Faith & Purpose

    Stephen Campbell is a Faithful Christian, a Husband, a Musician, an On Deck No Code Fellow, a founder combining GPT-3 with Bubble, and a "domain name driven" maker. His Website: His Twitter: @stepocampbell_ ...


  3. Marketing MakeOver - Tristan Teo: Quicksuite

    Quicksuite is an An AI-powered platform to find the right digital business tools. Tritan Teo is a Founder, an Associate at the SWITCH Programme, where he works to promote the innovation and startup ecosystem in Singapore. He previously worked at Deloitte and at the SOSV Startup Accelerator & Venture Capital firm ...


  4. Maker Interview - Aditi Jain: Canonic Low-Code Platform

    Aditi Jain is the Co-Founder of Canonic, a low code platform that allows you to craft API's in minutes. For any project, Canonic is the fastest way to build its backend -- Canonic allows you to publish complex REST & GraphQL APIs complete with webhook workflows, documentation and a CMS.   Website:   Twitter: ...


  5. Marketing MakeOver - Marty Lindsay: RosterBuddyApp

    In this episode, we discuss an even bigger marketing opportunity for Marty Lindsay and his work on RosterBuddyApp.  Marty Lindsay is a coder turned no-coder, who has been in the IT industry since 1996, and is now using No-Code to create RosterBuddyApp - an Automatic Chore Roster for housemates. Twitter: @MartyLindsay_NZ @RosterBuddyApp   Website:  ...