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Latest Episodes…

  1. Maker Interview - Andrew Zakordonets: Work-Life Balance

    Andrew Zakordonets is a Maker from Ukraine working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He shares his journey trying to find work-life balance, dealing with professional anxiety / imposter syndrome, and the role that soft-skills & confidence play in earning a higher income. His Website:   ...


  2. Maker Interview - Natalie Furness: Making vs Marketing Dilemma

    Natalie Furness is a NoCode Maker, Marketer, and founder of Freelance Notion. In 6 weeks Natalie ideated, created and launched an operating system for freelancers. FreelancerOS generated over $1000 within 1 week of launching. Her Twitter: @natalie_furn Her Podcast: ...


  3. Expert Interview - Anna Oakes: Culture & Leadership

    Anna Oakes is a change agent, who combines her love for humanity with her 20 years of corporate experience and over 4 years as an entrepreneur. Acting as a leader, coach and strategic business advisor, Anna helps organizations, teams and leaders enhance performance through a focus on humanity ...


  4. Episode 100 - Neftali Loria: From Darkness to Light

    Neftali Loria is the founder of KreativePro, Helping designers build their own interactive experiences from start to finish, and is an Instructor at Awwwards, Helping business skilled individuals launch their next big idea with nocode tools. He was a a Creative Director producing innovative eLearning experiences for Google, Bridgestone, Cisco and Led the ...


  5. Maker Interview - Sebastian Schäffer: Conscious Entrepreneurship

    "Are you a conscious entrepreneur, or a programmed machine?" and a few other deep issues all founders must face. Sebastian Schäffer is the founder at, A company that boosts your organic traffic by building high quality backlinks at scale with a Performance based pricing only model. He is also a ...