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  1. COVID-19: The Official CoronaVirus Business & Marketing Survival Guide (2020)

    #008 These are crazy times...People getting sick. The vulnerable dying. The economy halted. Jobs threatened. Clients stopped spending.All good reasons to be afraid and to stress out.However, all that negativity shrinks you, scares you, and kills your ability to find solutions, to adapt quickly, ...


  2. Coronavirus / COVID-19: How The Corona Threat Will Forever Change The Way Business Is Done -- Critical Knowledge For the 2020s

    #007 The Coronavirus has currently made all human contact dangerous. The basis for such social isolation is fear.The problem is, such fear of human contact is traumatic. Even when the Coronavirus Pandemic stops, people on some level will feel a fear of direct contact with strangers. A "fear of ...


  3. How To Find The Cool New Business Idea That Will Make You Money (Niche Selection)

    #005 The standard advice for selecting a business niche is wrong. They tell you to search through forums, read through blog comments, and talk to people to find out a problem you can solve, then make that your niche. That's a recipe for short term success, and a guaranteed way ...


  4. The New Way To Attract Good Clients Without Pursuing Or Trying -- What Works in Business in the 2020s

    #006 Many business people try to get clients the wrong way. They think that by trying to get business, by instigating, initiating, and inviting people to take the next step, they will sell more. But in reality, a quirk of human nature is that we run away from that which ...


  5. Why Timelines Create True Human Bonding in Your Marketing and in All Your Relationships

    #003 Marketers, today, when they want to move into storytelling and to add personality to their marketing... they either brag about their success or present random facts about themselves, such as showing a picture of their dog or a story about their daughter.  This creates a disjointed random picture of ...