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  1. The Truth About Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets

    #018 The biggest obstacle stopping many people from success today is Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets.What are the reason deep reasons why Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets exist?What is REALLY Poverty Consciousness & Scarcity Mindsets?And what can you do today to start freeing yourself ...


  2. What Can Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Teach Us About Productivity In 2020?

    #017 Many people allow how they feel to affect their productivity. Even worse, they procrastinate thinking they need to first let go of their fears, to overcome anxiety, to heal all their traumas before they take the first step. Is it even possible to overcome those things? (Answer in this ...


  3. Is It Possible To Be A Happy Successful Marketer?!

    #016 I believe the most important thing in life is to have as many moments of warm happiness as possible. However, many people forget this. They are either too busy working too much, or having too many worried and negative thoughts, or just to wait for the future and "someday" ...


  4. Why Masterful Marketing Is A Meta-Story

    #15 Most marketers approach marketing the wrong way. They view it as selling. So, they know people have a problem that is frustrating them, and therefore they try to convince them why they're the right solution, or offer them discounts, or tell them how great their product and company ...


  5. How To Succeed As An Authentic Marketer In The 2020s

    #014 Many people think they need to pretend to be someone else to do great marketing. So they copy others, swipe from what they think is working right now, and therefore sound similar to their biggest competitors. There are 3 problems with this: (1) If they sound similar ...