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Latest Episodes…

  1. Marketing MakeOver - Joshua Tiernan: No Code Founders

    Joshua Tiernan is the founder of No Code Founders, the Number 1 No Code Slack community and platform for non-technical founders and entrepreneurs with over 6429 subscribers. In this episode, we brainstorm the Marketing, Messaging, Engagement, Benefits and Avatar of the awesome NCF Members. Make sure to listen. Website:   Twitter: ...


  2. Expert Interview - Krista Jäntti: AR/VR Design & Future AI

    Krista Jäntti is the founder at EventuallyXR, where she designs Virtual & Mixed Reality UX/UI. She began as a lead UX designer in the 2D World and Design Partner at Reaktor Ventures where she was a Mentor to the best Startups in the Nordic Region, then moved to the more ...


  3. Marketing MakeOver - Ben Sears:

    Ben Sears is the founder of Billflow (ex-ServiceBot). Billflow allows you to Build your SaaS billing flow with no code in minutes, and is a Stripe Verified Partner. In this episode, we brainstormed the right messaging for Billflow, the rebranding from ServiceBot to Billflow, what matters most to No-Code Makers when using ...


  4. Expert Interview - Arne Peder Blix: Submarine & Tech Lessons

    Arne Peder Blix is a Principal at Acca Invest Norway and the CEO of Northern Lights Sensors AS. He was an Officer at the Royal Norwegian Navy, and has over 18 years of experience as a CEO within tech companies. In this episode, he shares the biggest lessons he learned ...


  5. Marketing MakeOver - Harris Robin Kalash: Advanced No-Code

    Harris Robin Kalash is creating the most advanced No-Code training ever: Giving you the power of Code with No-Code tools. Harris is a former CTO, an instructor at Concordia Bootcamps Human Centered Code School, and the host of React Native Radio Podcast. In this Episode, we brainstorm the right marketing ...